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Re:[AGA-Member] Ben, Ricky, & mosses

Hi,  Jay !

I know the names of the mosses Mr. Amano uses in the aquascaping tanks in the ADA Gallery.
Both Fantinalis antipyretica and Vesicularia sp. are the ones. The former outnumbers the latter at the rate of about 5 to 1.
I looked up in the back issues of the ADA's monthly magazine entitled Aqua Journal.
Most of the fauna and flora used in the tank are specified in the article. The statistics of them are shown in the article in Vol. 115, published in May, 2005.
I hope this will turn out to be a good information for you, Jay.
I'd be glad to check on any items you want to know in those " Aquq Journal " anytime, for most of the back issues are right in my bookshelf.


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