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[AGA-Member] Plants for sale/trade?

Hello all, just thought i would put up a post here while I have some free time. I wrote a bit ago about a problem I was having with my CO2 system and I would really like to thank everyone who wrote back with thier comments and Ideas. Tank pressure was around 1000 psi, and I was running about 20 psi or so out of the regulator after several days of fooling with it trying to see if I just needed the adjust the needle valuve more perceisly i figured i would try to adjust the working pressure and i turned it up to just under 30 psi.... that seems to have solved my problem for the past few days it has appeared to be running fine releasing about the same amount of CO2 everyday when it comes back on. So once again i would like to thank everyone for thier help and ideas.
I also wanted to see if anyone has some extra plants that they are willing to part with to either trade or sale. I have a lot of what i would say as pretty much average plants you can pick up in your LFS and im wanting to start to try some new and maybe more challenging plants.... and espically some that are a little more intresting and pleasing to the eye. i really dont have much that i would think anyone would be intrested in, some hygro species, more chain sword than i know what to do with LoL, a few common cryps and an assorment of more common stem plants but i dont really feel like trying it all out..... I do have one plant that may be of intrest to some though its called Lagarosiphon madagascariensis, im not sure how widely it is offered through the hobby but it is a georgous bright green floating stem plant with many little "spikes" as leaves..... its very attractive and I am rather fond of it.... probably my favorite plant in my aquarium.... its still growing out to fill in the space I would like it in but as soon as i have to start thinning it out if anyone is intrested i would be happy to trade some of it for some new species that I have not yet worked with.... also if anyone has some that they could sell please let me know.... i am intrested in working with some different colors.... mostly getting some reds into my aquarium. thanks for anyone that can help out!
Matt Scarnecchia
Youngstown, Ohio

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