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[AGA-Member] Re: Website redirection.

This link in a post of mine to AGA list regarding wetlands plants for open streamwater in the UK.
I don't know if we can edit/redirect old postings, but I can certainly update folks!

WilsRosel@aol.com wrote:

Dear Sir/Madam,

A link on your website page http://lists.thekrib.com/aga-member/0503/msg00043.html goes to a page on our website http://www.offwell.free-online.co.uk/ <http://www.offwell.free-online.co.uk/wetland_survey/adaptns.htm>wetland_survey/adaptns.htm

This web page has been moved to a new internet host and the old page will soon be removed. To avoid a broken link on your website, would you please change your link to point to the new page http://www.countrysideinfo.co <http://www.countrysideinfo.co.uk/wetland_survey/adaptns.htm>.uk/wetland_survey/adaptns.htm

Many thanks for your time and for linking to our website.

Please acknowledge on completion.

Yours faithfully,

Dougal Syers,

pp Offwell Woodland and Wildlife Trust.

www.countrysideinfo.co.uk <http://www.countrysideinfo.co.uk/>


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