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Re: [AGA-Member] online plant source

I too have had good experiences with Arizona Gardens. Quality above average  
and would have rated them higher before getting some plants from Lowcaster and 
 having something better to compare them to.  Most prices very good too. If  
price is a persons biggest concern then the larger online retailers are  going 
to be hard to beat.  But if a person wants something to look good 3  weeks 
from now not 4 months from now................
A suggestion for anyone using an online retailer for the first time (or any  
time!) is to be sure and tell the retailer "no substitutes". I learned  this 
by ordering some Didiplis diandra and having them  substitute  Ceratoperis 
thalictroides. When I called them they politely  told me that they were out of 
what I ordered and sent me a replacement plant to  fill my order.  Unfortunately 
I had just given a large bag of C.  Thalictroides to my LFS to feed to their 
Koi and really didn't need any  more.
rich green
milton ma
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