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[AGA-Member] onlineplant source

I've had an "experience" with Florida Driftwood. I ordered two bunches of a stem plant, got a total of TWO stems, one per "bunch". My email and phone calls were not returned - won't order from them again. I've for years done business with AZ gardens, Peter the owner is a great guy and recommended. For the unusual I ordered from Fish Vet's Aquarium Landscapes Division, but he is now out of business. The company had some great and unusual/hard to find plant varieties, I really liked Alternanthera "Sunset", named I believe by the owner Dr. Shawn Prescott. The web site is still up for those that want to see what was offered (http://www.fishvet.com/store/order.tmpl), but I spoke to Shawn yesterday and due to health reasons he is out of business. Too bad since his selection and quality was super. I have also had good luck with Aquabotanic and aquaticplants.com. The latter site has listed a number (lots) of "new arrivals" on their web site since maybe march 05 but only 5 or so have ever been in yet, tho if they ever do come in this should be a great variety. Kevin von Finger
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