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Re: [AGA-Member] online plant source

Hi Rich,
I completely agree.  When I first looked at the AZ site, I was overwhelmed
with options  (plants, lighting, ferts, etc.).  I had decided that I wanted a 

lush green jungle with a few flashes of color (fish) Vs my 40 year normal
of lots of fish and a token plant or two.

I joined AGA, became enthralled with the pictures of the entries in the 
contests, subscribed to AFM when Karen was writing for them (Sunken Gardens)
and then decided to call AZ Gardens.  Following their online advice, I called 
their daytime, non busy, hours, and spoke with Kevin (as I recall).  He took 
the time
to "interview me" as to what I had, what "look" I wanted, and made some

I now have that jungle look. 

I would always recommend that folks (newbies) know their lighting, water 
and substrates, and especially ... have a plan, before calling any supplier.

As a moderator on an aquarium site, nothing drives me nutz faster than 
who posts a question... "I just bought a 125 gallon tank, what should I do 
with it?"
I simply cannot comprehend that kind of an investment without at least a 
about what they want to do!

Ah well, off the soap box, and back to trimming...  
When I started, I'd no idea how much work a planted tank could be!
They are indeed a living thing that must be constantly cared for to maintain
a specific "look."

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