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RE: [AGA-Member] Plantica was updated

The Georgia Aquarium would be very expensive to have an event at. I think a
room is $1500 for a 4 hour event plus $10.50 per person. It would be a good
field trip.

I know the Executive Director, Jeff Swanagan. 

The local club is the Atlanta Area Aquarium Association -

Mark Barnett

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Atlanta does indeed have a huge aquarium club.  It seems that one of their
members has expressed interest in hosting an AGA conference there one year.

I think it would be an awesome place for a con and will get talking with the
AAAA folks about it.  They've hosted some really big shows in the past and
have a lot of experience and connections.  Perhaps 2007 might be the right
time for them.  We'll see.  :)


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>I think there is a large Aquarium Society there, but no aquatic plant 
>group that I know of. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
>Michael San Jose' wrote:
>>I was just reading some news and read an article on the Atlanta Aquarium. 
>>Do we know anyone working there that maybe we can convince to hold our 
>>next convention there. Hopefully at a discounted rate and not at 
>>$22.50 a ticket plus parking. Looks like a cool place especially with 
>>some of the worlds biggest tanks.

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