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[AGA-Member] Request regarding Tropica for AGA 2006 convention

I know Tropica usually has one or more reps at the AGA conventions, and the 2006 convention is coming up. I'm unable to attend.

For some reason or another, Tropica doesn't ever answer any of my e-mails. Not sure if it's due to spam filtering, a language barrier, or something else.

Anyway, right now one thing I'm trying to find out is how many ppm of nitrogen and phosphorous does their new "Plant Nutrition+" product add per the recommended dose (5 ml per 50 l).

For those not in the know, "Tropica Master Grow" is now called "Aquacare Plant Nutrition." "Aquacare Plant Nutrition+" is Tropica Master Grow with unknown forms of N and P added.


This is actually a bit unlike Tropica. They used to be big on touting a philosophy of "the hobbyist should always know what and how much they are dosing" with Tropica Master Grow. The new Aquacare products do not come with any analysis of what's in them.

So if you meet up with Tropica reps, I would be so thankful if you could ask them about this and post the answer here for all to read! :)

- How many ppm of nitrogen and phosphorous does "Aquacare Plant Nutrition+" add?

- What are the forms of nitrogen and phosphorous in "Aquacare Plant Nutrition+"? (If they cannot say due to trade secret policies, could they at least say if they are nitrate and phosphate forms?)

- What is the guaranteed analysis of all the Aquacare products?

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