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[AGA-Member] RE: Request regarding Tropica for AGA 2006

Claus Christensen wrote:
> Hi Tom 
> Yes we are also shipping the two liquid fertilizers:
> Tropica AquaCare PLANT NUTRITION liquid and
> Tropica AquaCare PLANT NUTRITION+ liquid
> In 5 liter jugs!

Good, several folks have asked.
There is limited outlets in the USA for either of these in this quanity.
"Big Al's On Line" is presently the only vendor known that will sell larger amounts. The rest of the vendors sell the 500mls size only.

I suggest TMG to most everyone.
I have for many years.
I and many folks in the USA/Canada use a significant amount of TMG.
So having several vendors would be nice.

Claus Christensen wrote:
> I am sad about, not participating at the AGA Convention this time â?? but so is it! I still remember the good discussion we did have, when I visited SF last time in 2000!
> I specially remember the discussion we had about the principle behind the old Tropica Master grow! The principle of dosing higher and do high and regular water changes (TMQ dynamic flow principle)! 

The interesting part was:
You said what I also found to be true and drew the same conclusions.
Being local, many did not believe me, after hearing it from you, they started adding more TMG like I'd been doing all along.

Claus Christensen wrote:
> At this time there were only few people that had planted tanks with a lot of plant and few fishes. 

Yes, many folks hear old advice and do not realize the light intensity, the fish loading, the plant biomass was often very low in most aquatic plant hobby markets. They then try to apply this same outdated advice to the newer CO2 enriched, high plant biomass, low fish load tanks and expect the same results.

But as increase horticulture growth rates began, so did the understanding of the hobbyists.

Claus Christensen wrote:
> I was afraid of using N and P in the normal fertilizer and we talked about a special fertilizer for specialists.

Yes, I recall.
That was mainly to come up with a store bought standard solution folks could buy and to help your company sell a new product that worked.

But........the market took another direction and went to the base chemicals, KNO3, KH2PO4 and so on.
These are cheap, all standardized, available most places in the world, effectively "globalizing" the hobby.

CMS + Boron tends to be somewhat not to my liking still.
I guess the chelators in TMG and the little bit of Mg and K+ help most folks(many don't add MgSO4) and the higher copper content seems to give many species, namely broad leads such as Crypts, a nice sheen to their leaves that is lacking in other products.
Likely due to the trace metal Cu and perhaps the form of Fe chelation I'd suspect.

Claus Christensen wrote:
> (Perhaps somebody still have the video from my speech and the discussion after â?? it could be funny to see 6 years after!)

I think it is still around. Yes, that is a while ago, it is funny to see ourselves then and now.

Steve Dixon dropped out of the hobby to focus on gfamily life sad to say(good for him and the kids, bad for the hobby, he is the smartest guy I ever met in the hobby still to this day)
His 125 gal tank is still running and is at Albany Aquarium.

Claus Christensen wrote:
> I think this discussion was a part of your further development; witch resulted in your Estimated Index (EI).
> You see that Tropica first this year tog the consequence of that discussion and finished the development of the new line of fertilizers!

Yes, folks finally got the idea to focus on the plants and had a good easily replicatable method to keep mtheir nutrients in check without so much testing.

Seachem and then Kent rapidly followed suit in the USA after I made mention of the importance of macro nutrients such as NO3 and PO4.
But I just pushed it a bit further, orginally it was the folks from the APD, namely Paul and others that got me interested in macro nutrients, but the biggest influence was still Steve Dixon.

Claus Christensen wrote:
> I am jealous on the side trip Troels and Ole are going to have with you! But happy that you make this possible for them!
> I hope that we some day will go the clear water rivers in Florida instead!
> Best Regards
> Claus

Yes, I think you would enjoy both, why not do both instead of just one? [Idea] 

That is a good solution.
I'll have Ole stop by the Aquatic weed lab at UC Davis and meet with Dr Lars Anderson for a little while.

Hopefully I'll get to travel to Demark soon as well.

Tom Barr


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