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[AGA-Member] RE: Request regarding Tropica for AGA 2006

Claus Christensen wrote:
> Nitrogen  (N) = NO3 / NH4,   in a balance close to  50% / 50%

If I may ask about this again, and again, I do not expect you to reveal any privileged info, but the NH4 does cause me a little concern... wouldn't the NH4 be quickly converted to nitrate by the bacteria in the tank? Or is the NH4 complexed or chelated to prevent this?

Just to point out an example, Seachem Flourish Nitrogen uses amine (NH2) instead of ammonium (NH4), and uses the complex known as guanidine (three NH2's attached to a carbon atom) to help keep simpler life forms (bacteria, algae) from getting to it.

The reason I bring it up is it is my understanding that NH4 and NH2 are better sources of nitrogen for plants, as they are closer to the amines plants use to make plant proteins than nitrate.

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