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Re: A. sp. Wangenflecken??

The fish I have has no yellow or white anywhere on the body.  The Dorsal fin 
does not extend as high as the Borelli I have seen in the pictures on the 
Krib, and the lateral stripe doesn't extend as deep into the caudle fin.  
Also the caudle has a distinct checkerboardish pattern of faint red and 
gray.  It actually looks exactly like the fish described as A. sp. 
Wangenflecken on Vinny's website.

Phil Eaton

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From: "Cory and Susanne Williamson" <webwill@infinet.net>

I have seen these fish here in Vancouver as well,  one shop claimed they
were A. borelli and the other said they were wild caught from brazil (but he
didn't know what they were or where they came from). Again they all seemed
to be males.

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From: Ken Laidlaw <kl@roe.ac.uk>
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Subject: RE: A. sp. Wangenflecken??

 > There appears some confusion as to whether the fish being discussed is
 > A.borellii, sp. wangenfleck or the "blue head" domestic form of caetei.
 > Have a look at http://www.thekrib.com/Apisto/A-borellii.html  which shows
 > three specimens of borellii.  Two of the ones shown (which are natural
 > colour varieties) have blue and red markings on the gill covers.  The
 > head" A.caetei I've seen have blue markings right over the whole head.
 > Ken.

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