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Re: gibbiceps growth/monogamy?

Hi Steve

My only experience with A. gibbiceps has been with wild caught fish. I had a 
group of 8 I had originally bought which were young adults. The dominant male 
killed off all the other males and after 6 months all that was left were him 
and 2 females. This was in a 20 long, so space was probably an issue. They 
spawned about 6 times before I got a fertile batch which I pulled & hatched 
separately. The male then spawned with the second female, which they took 
care of and raised. He then spawned with the first female again which they 
also took care of and raised with the other fry still in the tank with them. 
The fry I raised alone, seemed to grow slightly slower than the norm for me 
but the fry, (both batches) left with the parents grew faster than most 
Apisto's I've worked with and were trying to spawn in 4-5 months. I had at 
that point about 60 young adults in that same 20 long and was doing 50% water 
changes twice a week. The water parameters when I got fertile eggs were, pH 
4.0, hardness 60-70 PPM TDS.

Tom Wojtech

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