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Mis-ID in Mayland and Bork?

I was perusing Mayland and Bork earlier today, specifically reading up
on A. viejita, having recently purchased a pair of them (they seem to be
"type 1" though I'm not sure yet). In so doing, I noticed that the
photos of A. macmasteri and A. viejita seem to be switched in this book.
At least it seems so when comparing with photos of said species in other
books and the prize winning specimen at the ACA convention this year. I
thought that a. macmasteri could have a lyreate caudal fin, while A.
viejita's is truncate. Also the dorsal fins seem wrong, etc. Seems like
a very clear switch. This probably was discussed on the list some time
ago, so I am sorry if it is repetitious. I remember a list of mis-ids on
the list some time ago.

On the topic of apisto's found without much fanfare (or interest or
correct labeling) on the part of the LFS: I saw some A. inridae at a
local shop yesterday. At least so they were labeled. They were priced at
$2.49, seemed pretty cheap. A fairly non-descript looking species. I had
not seen them before, and according to my reading they seem to be fairly
uncommon (a side catch with neon tetras on occasion). I didn't buy any
since I have no room for them. This same place had Badis badis for
cheap. These and "croaking gouramis" seem to have appeared in local
shops around here suddenly.


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