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Re: N. adoketa

>From what a 'wee bird' told me the N. Adoketa are £65 ($104 approx) from
'your friend.  I don't know if this is per pair or each.  From what Mike has
just told us this would account for the high cost.
> Based on the responses to your request, you can see that there isn't much
> information about them out there. There is a good reason for this: 1) they
> rare not only in the hobby, but in the wild, too, and 2) they are not easy
> reproduce. I have never kept them but the species is reported to be highly
> territorial and very aggressive. This means a large tank (> 4') if you
plan to
> keep a group together. They are a black water species coming from the
middle to
> upper Rio Negro and require very acid (< pH 5) and almost distilled water
> breeding success. Römer wrote a report on them in the German edition of
> Yearbook 1994. I assume it is in the English version, too. Hope this
> Mike Wise
> > Hi All. Anyone had any experience with this lovely little fish?
> > A friend of mine is bringing some in and I'd like to know more about
> > them so I can sound clever when I go to see them. I've seen
> > images and some text but I've never talked to anyone who's
> > actually had them.
> > Pete Liptrot

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