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Re: Mis-ID in Mayland and Bork?

Well, I am not sure they were for certain A. inridae; that is how they
were labeled though. I saw them at a store called "Pet Arcade" in Terra
Linda, Marin County, California. I don't have any more room, so I will
pass on them. My other apistos come from Justin at Ocean Aquarium in SF;
it has been mentioned many times on the mailing list.

Mike, thanks for your detailed info. I will go back to the references
and study up on this a bit. Most interesting  and helpful indeed.

On another topic: My aggies have bred again. They are in a very densely
planted 10 gallon tank with some Corydoras hastatus and a couple of
serpae tetras as dithers. I know these guys are considered less than
ideal as dithers, but these two seem to work out great. They  have
perfect dispostions, stay away from the side of the tank where the
female and fry hang out, and I have had them forever. Anyway, in the
tank are the month or so old youngins of an earlier brood of the aggies.
They are able to hide out in the dense growth. Today I was watching
them, and the female came out with a cloud of 30 or so new fry. Is there
any way I can leave the new fry in there, or must I remove them to
another tank. I can remove the gravel from a 5 gallon and devote it to
the fry I suppose. The female tries to chase her earlier brood, but
those kids are really quick.


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