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Maintenance (was Re: N. adoketa)

Hi everyone,
Can I do a little poll here? I've made it to the 3rd generation with a
few apistos, and more with Pelvicachromis, but I find maintaining
cichlids difficult because of space and warmth. I usually figure you
don't know a fish til the third generation, but while that sounds nice,
I have a lot of impressions based on small samples of one or two
I maintain two killie species, and one of them is well into its eighth
year, which is a start, but I can keep a killie maintenance program
going with 8 unheated 5 gallon tanks. I can't do that with apistos.
So my question to the list is this:
How many of us actually maintain species consistently beyond 2
generations, and how many tanks are used per maintained species?

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