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ocean aquarium/ why can't we have everything? (was N. adoketa)

oh well, i was in SF in october and i did make a trip to the ocean aquarium.  
however, i had a really tight schedule and showed up there at 10 am on a 
sunday.  it did not open until 11 and i was being picked up by a friend at 11 
that i had not seen in years... so i never made it to this famed store.

as for davsatchel's question, i think we all have the collectors bug...  yet 
i think that sometimes we overlook what we have for the "more exotic" species 
that we only read about.  i think blue rams and agassizis are grogeous fish 
and i'm happy to keep them if i can't have the more exotic and rare ones...

tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA

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