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Re: Buying & Selling From List Members

I hate to say this but this has been a problem for centries and will
always be a problem.
A couple of years ago I was able to get my hands on the Mayland/Bork
dwarf book and offered it 
for sale to the Apisto group and others, I did the same thing, sent some
of them out expecting
a check to be sent after they received them. Needless to say a few
people have failed to pay
for them. My time will come to get the money or the day will come when
we meet face to face
and a good embarrasment will occur. It seems we all have to learn this
lesson the hard way.
Mike Evans

Tim Ellis wrote:
> I know this will ruffle some feathers, but maybe it will save someone
> else some grief. There was a post to this group over a year ago called
> "Desperately Seeking Hongsloi".
> This was aimed at me and I responded by sending fish out before
> receiving funds. Big Mistake. After a year of hounding I received this
> response.
> <your check is in the mail, now would you kindly piss off... and btw
> <your A.
> <"hongsloi" were hybrids that were properly culled...thanks
> <
> <                             Steven J. Waldron
> <
> <                            http://WWW.ANURA.ORG
> <               "Natural History, Captive Husbandry, Conservation and
> <                          Biophilia of Tropical Frogs"
> 1.Be Very Careful With Who You Deal With
> 2.Get The Money First
> 3.Get The Money First
> For anyone that this offends, my apologies.
> Tim Ellis

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