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Re: Buying & Selling From List Members

I remember saying, a few weeks ago, that having no commercial side to
the list was a good thing. 
Were I ripped off, I'd want to say it, but here's the problem: we aren't
an organization. 
The killie clubs have a code of ethics, and if you violate it, you can't
sell through the club. We have nothing like this, and no mechanisms to
resolve such conflicts. 
Every person I've ever known who sold through the ACA got burned,
repeatedly, as they seem to have a caveat emptor approach. There are a
lot of people who let their cheapness overtake their respect for others.
That has to hurt our hobby - we keep rare fish that are hard to get, but
who wants all the trouble and expense of shipping to deadbeats?
Anyway, I see no resolution.
The list is relatively new. I've been digging through the archives, and
it is already a rich source. As we get to know each other, we can build
up the kind of network the killie crowd thrive in. We should warn our
friends if we get ripped off, either as buyers or sellers, but we should
keep it off the public list. You accuse me, I get a hotmail account with
a new name, subscribe and then accuse you, and kaboom, we're all
squabbling away like primitive ancestral regani types, or even, heaven
help us, fighting like a tank of atahualpa....
Off the soapbox I go.

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