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Re: Blue Rams Fry`s death ??????

Well with much interest I read about these Blue Rams. I have one pair now I 
got in Detroit last year from a group of six at the ACA auction. They breed 
for me in a 10 gallon with just some Java moss and an overturned clay 4" 
"cactus pot". A bubble-up filter which is replaced with an ATI sponge filter 
when the eggs start to wiggle.The first two spawns were lost to ???? but 
since then they are on their 4th group of living offspring. The adult pair 
gets BBS and frozen brine but when the fry are swimming they get only BBS and 
I don't ever loose any because the food is too large. My male usually gards 
the eggs when he feels like it and they both just seem to ignore them until 
the wiggling starts. Then they both are real good with the fry. I use 
paramecium for D. maculatus and few other but never for any apisto's or Rams. 
I always leave at least the female with the apistos. I believe the parent(s) 
show the fry what and how to eat. Maybe, maybe not.

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