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Re: Buying & Selling From List Members

In a message dated 2/17/2000 7:12:40 AM Mountain Standard Time, 
gooch@tznet.com writes:

>  Here's a vendor to be cautious about!! Pet Warehouse.
>  Unless you ask all the pertinent questions chances are they will be out of
>  stock. Then if you want to get your money back you'll have to wait until 
>  following Monday  for that is the only day they cut checks.
>  The vendor is probably good but you should ask these questions ahead of
>  time.
>  Right now I'm waiting for my money so that I can make the purchase
>  elsewhere.
>  I only offer this because I have been in business for over 20 years and 
>  never had such unconcerning treatment as Pet Warehouse.
>  My 2cent
>  Phil

Are you talking about Pet Warehouse, or Pets Warehouse?  The former has a 
strong reputation for customer satisfaction.  The latter has a strong 
reputation for ripping folks off and generally making customer service a 
curse word.  The first one's URL is http://www.petwhse.com/.  The URL of the 
bad guys is http://www.petswarehouse.com/.

Bob Dixon

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