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Live Black worms and other cultures...

Hi Everyone,

I just found a LFS that carries live blackworms, but at a fairly high cost 
it seems. I also just finished reading the archives about black worms, blood 
worms, and tubifex worms.  The posts don't lead to a particularly comforting 
conclusion, but enough of one that I decided to try them out.

I did rinse them very well before feeding, and I used a Hagen worm feeder to 
dispense them to the fish in a more controlled fashion.  They like these 
worms better than any other food I have used, live, or frozen.  It seems 
like the fish all colored up alot more than usual after the special treat.

Is it possible to culture the black worms and control what they consume to 
reduce the potential risks of feeding them to the fish?  I already culture 
microworms and vinegar eels, but those are only good for the fry.  The 
earthworms are a little large, but cut up, the fish like them okay.  I 
haven't tried to culture brine shrimp or Daphnia yet.  I don't have too much 
trouble with mosquitos and bloodworms though, they just seem to show up in 
some strategicly placed 5 gallon buckets!

I would really appreciate any further insight on the black worms in 
particular.  If anyone has info on a live culture I haven't tried yet, I'm 
game as long as my wife doesn't have to find it somewhere.  I think all the 
cultures drive her more crazy than the tanks in every room!


Phil Eaton
Dallas, TX

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