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Re: Live Black worms and other cultures...


I don't know if one can effectively "culture" bloodworms since the bloodworm 
is the early stage of development for a fly.  They "show up" in my mosquito 
buckets, and mostly in the ones that have leaves in the bottom.  They don't 
conveniently congregate at the top of the water either.  you have to stir 
the bucket up prety good then run a net through it.  I always catch so many 
leaves that it isn't worth specifically going for the bloodworms.  Besides, 
my fish seem to like the actual mosquito larvae better.

Phil Eaton
Dallas TX

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From: "Tom Hearn" <tom@richie.demon.co.uk>

how do you cutlure bloodworms???
i know you can culture daphina by sticking a tank of water out in the sun
for a few days

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