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Re: Live Black worms and other cultures...

Phil writes:

<snip>> Is it possible to culture the black worms and control what they 
consume to 
>  reduce the potential risks of feeding them to the fish?  

Check out www.lfscultures.com.  I have successfully cultured tubifex with 
their system, which also works well for black worms.  IMHO, Tubifex is better 
for dwarf cichlids and killies because of their size.  Black worms seem to 
work better for angels and discus.

And Ted writes:

>How easy/possible is it to culture daphnia outside in cooler climates, (like
>the northwest).  I was always under the impression that you could only
>culture daphnia in the summer (i.e. the last weekend in August) here?!

They will lay cysted eggs when temperatures and total daylight hours drop.  
They will recover the following summer.  It is also hard to keep outdoor 
daphnia cultures from becoming cyclops cultures.  Raise them indoors in a ten 
or 15 gallon tank.  See the above URL.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator

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