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RE: New list member with questions...

Hi Chad
I'd go along with your first instincts, and Gary's suggestion that ammonia
damage appears to be the problem. I don't think that their two hours transit
in a bag would be enough for the pH to drop due to excretions, and the
ammonia to go "safe". Though this happens over longer transit times.
Incidentally if this is anticipated, and tested for, never acclimatise the
fish in the bag or the tank; any water added to the bag with a higher pH
will just allow the ammonia content to become toxic, likewise water from the
bag will release ammonia into the tank if emptied in there. Gently empty the
bag and fish into a net, then transfer them "dry" into their new home - The
change of pH will do them a lot less harm. The ammonia burn may have
happened when they were shipped over from Germany, or from wholesaler to
retailer, if they were "acclimatised" rather than just netted and placed
into a holding tank.

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