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RE: Mike Wise writing a book?

More on the Mike to write a book campaign:

What is missing in the apisto (or soft water dwarf) book market is the big
picture, we all know what it is like when you want to reference something,
its a bit of Linke & Staeck, a bit of Mayland and Bork, a few other assorted
general books and a trip round the world by web - then a raid round your
sub-conscious for anything more that 'I'm sure I read that somewhere', and
then as a last gasp remembering which bit of furniture you had stopped
wobbling with a TFH book. And very few of these sources navigate too well. 

What Mike has got is; a good vernacular writing style, a good knowledge,
access to the other great minds (am I pushing the flattery angle too hard),
and the skill to interpret the facts and disseminate them in a way we can
all comprehend. (At the moment I'm trying to remember who said 'the
definition of genius is the ability to make the complex understandable' -
mind you knowing my luck it will have been somebody of no credibility.) 

Come on Mike give it a go, or even try a stab at a plan first. Then if you
want I'll do all the technical editing stuff gratis (even including the
indexing - and I'll tell you that's more painful than writing a book in the
first place).

The book in bits to the ASG is a great idea - I might even get personally
organised enough to join.


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