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Re: Apisto suvey (was RE: Mike Wise writing a book?)

I'll join in on the survey, and boy oh boy am I enjoying the fantasies
of a book by Mike Wise thread. As a teacher who is new to Apisto
keeping, I believe Mike is an amazing teacher.

I had a pair of A. sp rotkeil (uapesia) (segelflossen...thanks, Kathy,
for teaching me that one) that bred, so I am raising their progeny.
One pair of A. agassizii (red-gold) with fry
One pair of A. viejita
Two M. altispinosa.

On the recent thread of fishroom tours, while the thread was going on, I
was in Seattle and got a tour of a wonderful fishroom of an active
participant in the list. I learned a great deal from it (see above) and
was inspired to sit down and actually start reading more seriously
Mayland and Bork, etc. BTW, the translation leaves something to be
desired. I hope the translation for which we are all waiting is better.
I still remember Professor Weimar (yes, that was truly his name) being
sure we paid proper respect to the translator as we read Goethe.


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