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Apisto suvey (was RE: Mike Wise writing a book?)

Ken wrote:

<Can I ask what you are keeping?  I've never met an ugly Apisto.
<To expand on this would it be useful for list members to post what exactly
<they are keeping right now as a sort of survey?  I know that the ASG and
<do this sort of thing but unfortunately not many people seem to reply.
< (snip)

I currently have:
3 A. cacatuoides (1M, 2F) LFS only has more common varieties. Very difficult
to find the ugly ones (hehe).
2 Microgeophagus ramerizi (1M, 1F(wild caught))

Wanted to start with something easy, as this is my first go. Set up my first
tank in late Dec. However, I will be attending the Ottawa Aquarist society
auction in March to see if I can acquire one or two less common, wild caught
specimens. If anyone is interested and is in the Ottawa area on March 5th
here is their URL:


Hope to see some of you there, I will be easy to recognize, look for the
newbie with the steady uncontrollable stream of drool being expelled from
his mouth, fouling his shirt.

C ya

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