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Re: New list member with questions...

It's interesting that practically every pet store that I have been to will
tell you to use the slow water exchange in a floating bag system.  in fact,
two of the shops in town put a flyer in your bag when you buy your fish to
explain the process.  Makes you wonder....

In the past, I would normally float the open bag until the temperature in
and out of the bag were equalized and then gently flip the fish out with my
hand to avoid net damage and to keep from getting more than a few drops of
foreign water in my tank.  In this particular instance I thought I was being
'more careful' considering the relative scarcity of the fish.  Ouch.  Hard
lesson.  Thanks for the advice.

Since I will probably face a similar ammonia problem with the new shipment I
hope to get next week, is there anything I can do to lesson the blow to the
fish when introducing them to the tank, aside from the 'dry transfer'?
Specifically, is there a way of quickly alleviating the effects of ammonia
and other damage/stress due to the transport from ??? to the East Coast to
Minneapolis and then drive 2 hours to my place?  Thanks again in advance.

- Chad

> From: "Scott McLaughlin" <relli@aye.net>
> Reply-To: apisto@majordomo.pobox.com
> Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 00:34:45 +0500
> To: "William Vannerson" <William_Vannerson@ama-assn.org>,
> apisto@majordomo.pobox.com
> Subject: Re: RE: New list member with questions...
> Ive acclimatized literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of fish by the "dry
> method"
> that Scot mentioned and to me there is no better method. I actually discovered
> it through a marine fish wholesaler. Don't waste money on amquel.

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