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Re: Some I.D.'s or suggestions please.

Pete & Mike W.

This time I don't think it was the Panduro brothers. By the names being
used I'll say that the fish are coming from Carlos Sanchez (Aquarium Lima).
If you see names like Frank, Milagros, Miguelito, Daniela, you can bet it's
Lima's fish.

Mike is right, the "Papagayo" is the same as the "Algodon I" and might be
the same as A. sp. "Galaxias". I believe Carlos was using Galaxias before
they were named Papagien in Germany.

Both, Panduro and Aquarium Lima, had been listing A. sp. "Rio Nanay" as  A.
sp. "Melgar". After telling them that the fish had already been introduced
as A. sp. "Rio Nanay" only Panduro made the change. Take a look at the
picture in our web page because there is a slight chance it might be
another eunotus complex species we collected last year. Doubt it though.

Oh, Mike, write the darn book. Please!!! 


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