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RE: Apisto suvey (was RE: Mike Wise writing a book?)

I am sooooo glad that I was the first one to take Ken up on his survey
request, as Mike stated last night, some of those lists were hard to choke
down, I clearly have much to learn, and, luckily have plunked my ass into
the right school (no pun). Some of the fish listed, I cannot even find
pictures of. You have all banished me to spending tomorrow morning at the
pub. library. Thanx. After reading through your lists of fish, I amm
havvinng trubble geteen thuh wurdz out rite. Mouth foaming, head slung low.
Keep the info coming. As I've said before, great to be here.
Nothing like taking on a new hobby and falling smack dab in the middle of a
bunch of fellow obsessive/compulsives (no offense, I share the condition)
with the same interests. Only speeds up the learning curve.
Helen: Along with my aquarium hobby I am also an aspiring amateur
photographer and have read everything I can get my hands on from the net WRT
tank shots. I will do my best to find you in Hamilton in May. Assuming my
wife gives me the weekend off (just kidding she broke me into the
C ya

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