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Re: Mike Wise writing a book? MIKEWISE.COM

> Please don't think that I am being a "wet blanket" on this. I find it very
> interesting and it is possible if - and it's a big if - we could get the
> editors, web page experts, artists, and the needed data together. Then
we'd need
> another 6 months or more to put it all together. Any volunteers?? My two
> centavos.
> Mike Wise


I'll help.  I can take care of HTML and web stuff - my Obi-Wan, Mike Jacobs
taught me everything I know about making web pages.  I'll also make
available any of my DC slides.  I think we can do this.  It doesn't matter
if it takes a year or two but what is most important is to be able to access
the contents of your (and others') head with the click of a mouse.  I know -
that sounded really sick in a Neo-Orwellian way! :-)  What I mean is, Mike,
you know so damn much about these little fish...and I occasionally find
myself thinking "I know Mike wrote something about X species a few months
ago...and I wish I could access that info".  Accessing the list's archives
is not IMHO the ideal way to get to specific information.  I'm a bibliophile
and I would love nothing more than to curl up with a new Apisto book but I
would quite happily settle for an organized and informative web site.  Can
anyone help with a dot com  - some site where size/memory won't be a
problem?  We can start with one of those free sites offered by
Yahoo/Geocities (like my site) but you'll have pop-up ads, a horribly long
URL and a memory limit.

Mike, all you'd have to do is send me some text to upload on the site.  Line
drawings and pics can come later.

Brett, thanks for bringing up the idea.  Lee, if you're reading this between
moving your tanks to your new house, you know someone who likes to draw
cichlids.  Hint.


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