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Re: Underwater filming of freshwater fish Was: "Amazonia" on PBS

Unfortunately, I didn't catch the show, but I wanted to comment on a
striking bit of underwater filming that I saw in a... Wild Discovery
episode, I think, that was about Hippos of all things.  The intrepid
filmmakers climbed into a big hippo-inhabited pool and filmed the
hippos' underwater behavior.  The filming also captured quite a bit
of the other fauna inhabiting the pool, which was crystal clear and
described as "nutrient rich from the hippo droppings".  There was a
huge population of carp-like fish in the pool (can't remember the
filming locale, so can't guess on ID), but no focus on them in the
documentary.  Shame.

Sarah LeGates

> but it was great to see some underwater photography. 
> there is 
> very little freshwater U/W work in nature documentaries, i guess
> because the 
> water is not as clear as in the ocean, there's not much interest in
> tropical 
> freshwater fauna, or it's thought they are not as interesting or
> colorful as 
> reef fishes.
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