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Re: New list member with questions...

Chad writes:

> It's interesting that practically every pet store that I have been to will
>  tell you to use the slow water exchange in a floating bag system.  in fact,
>  two of the shops in town put a flyer in your bag when you buy your fish to
>  explain the process.  Makes you wonder....

Watch how these stores introduce their saltwater fish to the tanks.  They 
hold the bag over the sink, slit the bag, and catch the fish in a net.  Then 
they just dump the fish into the tank.  Salt water fish are more sensitive 
and seem to take it just fine.  I talked to a local shopkeeper about this, 
and he decided to experiment.  He started to do the same with his freshwater 
fish, and significantly reduced his losses in the first 72 hours.  It isn't 
even important to temperature adjust the bag to match the tank.  Just make 
sure you pick a tank where the temp is somewhere near the middle of the 
fishes' prefered range.  Been doing the same now for two years.  Boy, is my 
life easier.  :-)

Bob Dixon

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