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Re: Underwater filming of freshwater fish Was: "Amazonia" on PBS

> and when they said piranhas were the most feared fish in the amazon!!!!
> where did they come up with that?  people outside of the amazon (and in
> hollywood) may think that.  people in the amazon fear more electric eels,
> stingrays, and the most feared of them all, is the diminutive candiru
> (Trichomycteridae, Siluriformes).  vinny, who has been in the amazon, i'm
> sure can tell you more about this little terror...
> tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA

I'd say the locals would put Sting Rays on top of the list.  They are not
unafraid of Piranhas but they would be very cautious about tossing a live
specimen in the canoe - they flop around and snap.  You could lose a toe.
As for the Candiru, they are everywhere in white water.  Are there any
medical-types out there? Kathy?  I'm looking for one of those glucose bags
with the drip hose that I can take down there for the next trip.  The plan
is to...uh...ahem...add an ammonia source to the bag and drip into the river
to see if these guys are truly attracted.  My theory is that they are not
going to be too interested since they can find gills of large fish, a source
of blood/protein, fairly easily.


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