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Re: Subject: Re: Dwarf Cichlid Plague

What sort of stain did you use to see the bacteria in question? I am also curious
about which tissues you found the bacteria in. Were the fish dead for long before
you viewed the tissue samples? I wish I had access to that kind of equipment
to play with :-)

>> >Once frozen blood worms wiped out my ram's tank. i dont think it was a
>> >bacterial infection since once I stopped still living rams immediately
>I have unfortunately just had a similar "plague" experience.  I added some

>cardinal tetras to a community tank (yes, should have quarantined)and within

>hours the fish started dying.  Not just the added cardinals but a whole
>assortment of fish.
>The casualties include agasizi, cacatuoides, Corydoras, cardinal tetras and

>some ancistrus.  Needless to say, I am more than a little upset.  Under the

>microscope there are a miriad of bacteria throughout the tissues of the dead

>fish.  Hard to tell if the bacteria are feasting on the dead fish or if they

>killed it.
>I have fed my other tanks with the same frozen bloodworms as the victim tank

>and no other tank is affected.  My take on this is that the new fish
>introduced some bacteria to the tank to which the fish had little immunity.

>I am taking precautions to isolate the affected tank from my other tanks (no

>shared nets etc.).
>I have heard that some bacteria will secrete a toxin which may then leach
>out into the water and weaken otherwise healthy fish to the point of
>suceptibility to infection.  I cannot say for sure that this has been the
>case but it would certainly fit the circumstances.  I now am trying to
>decide if I should treat the tank with antibiotics or just wait some time
>(if so how long) before introducing some new fish.  The tank is a heavily
>planted (hard to retrieve the dead fish) 650L (155us gal) tank so I cannot

>conceive of a good way to sterilize it without trashing all of the plants.

>There are still some fish in the tank (mostly corydoras) and I do not want

>to introduce any further fish to the tank without doing something about the

>possible disease carriers.
>On a side (much happier) note, I am going on vacation to Peru in april with

>my wife.  I thought I might try to get an Amazon week squeezed in.  Does
>anyone know of a reputable and economically priced tour operator that might

>have some fish collecting know-how?
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