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Re: ASG membership

In a message dated 2/29/00 1:26:41 AM Mountain Standard Time, 

> So about joining, do I just send my cash to Daryl Syska in WI??
>  I can't seem to find the membership app. on the website. I realize that Joe
>  is busy getting the site updated and built to spec but that application
>  should be up there somewhere?
>  Let me know, I don't know that I want to join the OVAS just for the sake of
>  giving them my money, I will really have to like what I see. However, I 
>  noticed that everyone on the apisto mailgroup is very knowledgeable,
>  helpful, and friendly. Since I really like dwarves (the fish) I thought 
>  the ASG could do better by my $17.50 than the OVAS.
>  Let me know.
>  I think the offer of a free breeding pair was what hooked me!

It's only $15, and yes send it to Daryl.  The free breeding pair was in jest, 
unless some "regional rep" wants to do so.

Bob Dixon

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