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Re: Problems with a gift!/e-store ideas

In a message dated 4/1/00 9:02:37 AM Mountain Standard Time, 
apistowise@bewellnet.com writes:

> I'm confused by your answer. Think about what is happening to ancient marble
>  monuments around the world right now. They are disintegrating from 
> pollutants &
>  acid rains in the air. Marble is metamorphosed limestone - CaCO3. 
> Metamorphosed
>  limestone (marble) is denser and less porous, with larger mineral grains, 
> than
>  sedimentary limestone.  But it reacts to chemicals in the same way 
>  does, only a bit slower. Would you put put limestone in a tank with soft 
> acid
>  water??. Perhaps you could put an inert coating over it for protection, 
> most
>  marbles have veins, too.  I would think these would be structural 
>  I
>  wouldn't use marble as a backing without some other material (glass) as a
>  support.

Maybe I'm confused here.  I thought marble was metamorphosed granite.  If it 
is limestone, then it will need a couple layers of clear epoxy over it.  Can 
I just retract my statements?  Please??


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