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Re: My krib won't spawn

On 4/4/00 at 1:49 PM Kenny Poh wrote:
>Hi Mike,
>Thanks to your advise telling me to be patient, my Kribs just spawned last
>Instead of using a cave provided, they dug underneath a driftwood trunk
and laid the
>eggs on the roof, typical Krib style!
>Now, I just cannot wait for the frys to be free swimming, and see how the
>defend their offsprings from predators in the tank, the Rams, cardinals,
>and even the corydoras...

Be prepared to see your corys bounced and maybe shorter tails on your
swordtails. :-))

I have a pair "preparing " to spawn  in a 50 gal tank. They not only want
their corner but from time to time go cruising around the tank bouncing
everyone in their way. It's comical. there are about 8 corys, 5 full grown
angels, a male betta and a flying fox. The Angels they don't bother, the
betta has a couple of small nicks and has learned to stay near the top but
the flying fox is not too bright. No matter how many times he gets hit, he
just keeps cruising near them and gets it again. Short term memory

They are fun to watch.

Philadelphia Area Betta Society

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