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Re: My krib won't spawn

Fun to watch kribs are for sure.  My pair would spawn and try to raise
their fry in a 55 gallon community tank.    There are 8 young Aequidens
Tetramerus, 4 Belontia Signata and a large Pleco in this tank along with
the pair.   They would do well for about a week or so and then would
start to have their fry picked off a few at a time by the other fish.
So last week i decided that they hadn't spawned in almost 4 weeks, so I
moved them to their own tank, set up  so they could spawn and raise
their fry.   Just yesterday i notice the female had a clutch of eggs
hanging from the roof of a cut off flower pot.   Shouldn't take long
until they start toting around a clutch of fry.   Can't wait.    And who
ever thinks watching a pair of Kribs with fry isn't fun, just doesn't
know what they are missing.


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