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Re: Pseudocrenalibrus Nicholsi

Fbethea wrote:
> Can anyone point me in the right direction for information on
> Pseudocrenalibrus Nicholsi?  Most of the information I find is on the
> Pseudocrenalibrus Philander.
> Francine in MD
> Fish - photography - genealogy

They're pretty easy to keep, but the males are inclined to be
aggressive. From what I've read on P. philander, keeping the two species
is pretty much the same. They both come from similar riverine habitats,
although their range is different (if I remember correctly, nicholsi is
from a more northern range, into central Africa).
I had mine years ago, and ended up keeping them with 'gentle Malawis' -
Labidichromis caerelus and Iodotropheus sprengerae. Their behavior and
level of aggro were very similar, although the nicholsi male was the
dominant fish in the tank. 

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