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Re: Pseudocrenalibrus Nicholsi

I had this species not so long ago and as Gary said the males are aggressive
particularly with other males.  If you can it is better to have as many
females as is possible.  I would advise a minimum tank 36" with plenty
hiding places.  It doesn't have to be a "species" tank, I found they did not
harm to other fish of similar size. They spawn at an small size and I found
when the females were mouthing they stayed hidden in the floating plants.  I
would then remove the females into a "maternity" tanks.  I found though that
the females tended to eat the fry after being released on days 3 or 4 so you
have to be vigilant.  A nice species and the males when fully grown are

> Francine,
> They're pretty easy to keep, but the males are inclined to be
> aggressive. From what I've read on P. philander, keeping the two species
> is pretty much the same. They both come from similar riverine habitats,
> although their range is different (if I remember correctly, nicholsi is
> from a more northern range, into central Africa).
> I had mine years ago, and ended up keeping them with 'gentle Malawis' -
> Labidichromis caerelus and Iodotropheus sprengerae. Their behavior and
> level of aggro were very similar, although the nicholsi male was the
> dominant fish in the tank.
> -Gary

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