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Re: Finally! A thayeri spawn!

In a message dated 4/13/00 10:01:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
kutty@earthlink.net writes:

 <DIV>BTW, if any of you go to San Jose area, California, do visit Dolphin 
 Village.&nbsp; They have at least 20 species of Apistos!&nbsp; sp. Algodon, 
 Pintada, iniridae, sp. Xingu,&nbsp; T-bars, etc, etc.&nbsp; The fish weren't 
 healthy as in Ocean Aquarium in San Francisco but the variety was on par or 
 better.&nbsp; I spent 4 hours there this weekend and I didn't even venture 
 the reptile or bird sections. </DIV>
They should have a good variety, most of the fish are mine, and they're 
condition when they left my place was great.---D

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