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Re: Apisto with worms follow up

> The trichlorphon didn't seem to work ( they won't have any gill flukes now
> though ! lol ) so I got a product from the vet called Avitrolplus which is
> a woming solution meant for avairy birds. It is meant to be added to their
> drinking water so I assumed that it would be in such a form that would
> allow ready absorption for the fish too. It contains 10mg/ml levamisole
> hydrochloride ( equivalent to 8.4mg/ml levanisole base ) and 2mg/ml
> praziquantel and I added it 1ml/7.5 litres. This morning - NO WORMS ! I'll
> keep an eye out over the next few days and think I'll do a water change
> tomorrow and redose again in three days time. Thanks everyone for their
> help regarding this problem. No casualties among the bristlenose,
> otocinclus or sturisoma either and the infected male A. 'neon head' is
> swimming aorund really well and eating again 8-)))).

Thanks for putting this on. This kind of follow-up is vital for 
spreading useful information. There's someone on the catfish-l with 
the same problem, so I'll be able to tell them what to ask for. 
It'll also be important for use here at the aquarium for the future.

Pete Liptrot
Bolton Museum Aquarium
Le Mans Crescent, Bolton BL1 1SE
01204 332200

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