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alternative to bloodworms: earthworms

    As an alternative to bloodworms, why not try earthworms?  Every fall I
take in loads of leaves from the neighbors.  Using my lawn mower, I shred up
the leaves.  Had a pile about 5 ft high and 10 by 10 wide.  A lot of leaves.
Now I can just rake back a little of the leaf litter to pick up hundreds of
organically grown earthworms.
    Rinse all dirt and leaves from the worms, leaving 100% wigglers.  These
then go in the freezer in plastic bags.  When thouroughly frozen, a single
edge razor blade can be used to cut off slivers of the frozen worms.
Perfect size for most adult killies.  A couple of minutes to thaw and the
fish go wild.  The dirt within the worms has presented no problem.  When the
summer gets hot, the worms dig way down, but that is when the mosquitos are
at their prime.  I certainly think earthworms from my garden are cleaner
than blackworms or tubifex (need I say a whole lot cheaper).  So here in the
northeast in the springtime is a good time to be looking for earthworms.

George Davis
Wilmington, Delaware

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