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Chad Attlesey <> wrote: <<<<
Subject: Scraping

Just recently I have noticed in some of my tanks that certain fish are
scraping excessively against objects in the tank.  They don't have any other
outward symptoms of parasites of disease.  I have seen commercial remedies
for 'flashing'.  Does anyone know of a good way of taking care of this?>>>>>

As a general rule, frequent fish scraping against objects is suggestive of a
infection. Rare, occasional episodes of scratching should not raise any
other than keeping a close eye on any development.
After major stress episodes (such as shipping, pH problems, etc.) these 
infections are frequently bacterial. In these cases the fish acts as being
sick, often with dark colors.
Under more stable conditions, the same 
problem is often due to skin flukes. With flukes, at least initially, the
infection is 
very mild, color is good, and the fish acts otherwise normally.
Very frequently whatever affects the skin, 
affects the gills too. I think that the term flashing applies to a different
but I am not sure.

For details on treatment suggestions for skin infections see the section on
topic at:

It basically applies to Apistos too.


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