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Re: safe catfish

i guess i am gonna regret saying this but, oh well i have always spoke
from my hip.


I wish your responses were a bit more thougthful.   Have you ever kept
corys with apistos?  I do, My trio of Apisto Piauensis are housed with
about a dozen young cory habrosus.   The piauensis breed in this tank
and rear their fry in that tank WITH the corys.  I guess i feed enough
food each day to ALL tank habitants to keep them happy.   MY corys
haven't gone after the apisto fry.   I also have pygmaeus in with a pair
of Cacatuoides, same deal the corys don't go after the apisto fry.   

Now as for putting larger corys like aeneus in with apistos, i dont do
that.   They are in their own breeder tank, same as for Axelrodis.
Maybe someone would just like to keep apistos and want some corys in
with their fish.  To put a blanket statement like "Dont put cats with
apistos, they compete for the same resources"
is just too general.   

I may not have a name like some people do but in the last 10 years i've
spawned enough apistos and other fish to know what i'm talking about.
When I say that dwarf corys are fine with young, not newborn apistos I
mean it because i'm talking from experience.   Having spawned over 225
species of freshwater fish gives me that credibility.    

Off my soapbox for now.   

John Wubbolt

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