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Re: Laetacara thayeri

I dont know...mine spawned after I crowded them enough to remove some of their nervousness.  I didn't get any babies from their first spawn but they are at it again and seem capable of keeping everyone else at bay.  This time, however, when they chase all the other fish to the opposite end, there will be a pair of Keyholes with eggs waiting for them.  I dont expect casualties but there may be a lot of torn fins.  BTW, the Keyholes spawned as soon as the pH dipped below 6.  None of my fish were spawning for a while there but now, most of them are at it.  May be it is the weather, may be it's the water changes or may be just amore.
i'm starting to think L. thayeri really need spacious, quiet quarters for
them to feel comfortable and start a family.  i'm sorry all my tanks are
community tanks and i can't dedicate a large enough tank for them.

tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA