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Re: ick in a planted tank, with krib eggs/frys

Hi Ken,

I havn't got a clue, for no new fishes was added,  the ph, kH and ammonia level
is the same throughout, a 50% water change was just carried out hours prior to
the krib spawn. The only change was in their diet. They've been previously fed
dried food and on Saturday, I started them on frozen beef heart.

So far, the fishes affected are only the swordtails, only a spot was noted on
each of the affected 3 fishes. The temperature of the tank is about 32 degrees
ce;cius, not sure about the farenheit reading. Strangely, the weaker fishes like
the rams are unaffected yet.

I'm not going to start on any medication yet, perhaps I should observe the
situation for a couple of days. I've turned on my UV steriliser though.
Hopefully, I can pull through for at least another week when the frys are older.

Thanks for your advise!


Ken Laidlaw wrote:

> Have you any idea what caused the outbreak of whitespot?  It is very unusual
> for this to occur in an established tank.  What are your water conditions
> like?  Thankfully whitespot is usually easy to cure and is best done by
> using one of the medications specifically for whitespot.  You should also
> try raising the temperature to 80-82f.  Used at the correct doseage your fry
> should be OK.  If your water quality is suspect you should concentrate on
> getting this up to scratch as well.
> Meth blue would not I think have any useful effect on whitespot as it is a
> pretty poor fungicide/bactericide and will have no effect on whitespot which
> is caused by a parasite.
> Good luck,
> Ken.

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