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Re: using a python on breeding apisto tanks

Hello Raymond

I have a python to do water changes with.   I also use buckets some
times to do water changes.   When i use my python to do water changes I
only change about 25-30% of the water.   When i fill the tank back up
using straight tap water, i use a dechlorinater from Aquarium Pharm.
called Tap Water Conditioner.    I squirt a little bit into the tank as
I am refilling the tank.   Never had any losses or problems doing this.
Just a "Fear Note" or caution i never use a python on fry tanks.   Just
afraid that the fry are too sensitive to the new water, dont want to
lose a tank full of fry cause i was being stupid.  I know this is stupid
but i feel that way sometimes.   I do gotta admit even with all my 60+
tanks, i still use a hose and bucket method on most of my tanks.   Takes
me longer but I hate hooking that hose up to the kitchen sink sometimes.
Also I've been doing it that way for so long i don't even think about
using the python most of the time.   I do use it on my bigger tanks,
anything larger then a 20 long always gets the python.   But i only have
6 55 gallon tanks and 8 20+ gallon tanks, everything else is a 10 gallon
or smaller tank.

John Wubbolt

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